Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Patrick and the Snakes

Not too much to report right now.  This week I have been collating poems in order to send them off to different magazines.  I have a good selection to choose from and so it has taken a little time.  I have also been working on ideas for a possible novel.
On Saturday I went for a walk with my best friend along the south coast between Seaford and Eastbourne.  The weather was lovely, no rain and a little sun.  Unfortunately I didn't have any battery left for my camera, but I've found a lovely website with photographs of the walk (which are probably better than any I could have taken anyway)...walk

Today is St Patricks Day obviously, and so here is a flash story connected to it:

Molly was shocked when she had been asked to speak to the Head.
'Is my George okay?' she asked, full of panic. 'Is he hurt?'
'No, your George is fine', Miss Conrad had replied.  'But he has been causing trouble I'm afraid.'
'Trouble?  But he's usually as good as gold.  His teacher says...'
'I know, Mrs Smith. I know.  That's why I wanted to speak to you, because it is so out of the ordinary.' She paused.  'He's been fighting wiht Patrick O'Regan.'
'The little Irish boy? But I thought they got on well?'
'So did I, but it seems that Christian has been causing some trouble between them.'
'He's a new boy, and seems to be desperate for both their attention.'
'What set it off? The fight I mean.'
'Well...'  Miss Conrad smiled in puzzlement.  'Apparantly Patrick completely cleared the tuck-shop of fizzy snakes by eating them all.'

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