Thursday, 29 April 2010


Yesterday I read Mythago Wood for the first time...literally spent all day reading it, and a wonderful book it is too.  A fantasy containing all the old legends, landscapes and myths of Britain.  I heard about it several months ago when the sequel (25 years after the original) was reviewed in Fortean Times.  Unfortunately my local library did not have it in at the time and the book slipped from my mind.
However, as these things often happen, I was reminded of it recently by a postscript in the same magazine which said that the author Robert Holdstock had died in November aged only 61 (e-coli poisoning), and strangely the next day on the search for another book entirely I found it on the shelf of my library.
I'm glad I took up the opportunity to read it and will now search out the sequel too.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy stories.

For myself, I have done a little writing this week, and also have more actively gone on the hunt for "proper" jobs.  Anything in the library and information field is what I'm looking for...anyone want me?