Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Unempowered Again

If it wasn't enough that the government pile on the policies which most inflict an erosion of rights for women in this country, while pay continues on in its unequal way, today's announcement of the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year takes the final straw.

Not a single woman is on the list, voted for by so called 'experts' of major newspapers and magazines. In the process, each 'expert' submitted a list of ten names, the most common names then appeared in the overall shortlist. Looking down the choices there are several where no woman is mentioned at all. And at most, out of the ten names, only two are women.

I'm extremely curious to know how many of these 'experts' were women, or when the BBC undertook to ask a group of people did they simply think "well, women know nothing about sport anyway - no point asking them"?

Now, for any would-be sportswomen out there, they will have no role models to look up to at this year's contest, no one to inspire them onto achieve greater things. But I imagine that's what these middleclass, middleaged, white (probably), men want. After all as far as they are concerned, a woman's place is in the kitchen preparing dinner while he stretches on the sofa in front of the football.

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