Thursday, 10 June 2010

Classic Experiments

Having heard very little from the agency I signed with several weeks ago I today visited another agency who were much more positive...I sign with them tomorrow.  In the meantime I have completed the short story I began in Sweden, which I am quite pleased with.  I intend to sketch out another story later tonight, for which I already have ideas for submitting.  I also received an email from a writing website today which contained links to other writing websites, some of which looked very interesting.  When I get work, I intend to subscribe to them.
With the World Cup in football finally beginning tomorrow I picked up a wallchart today so that I can keep up with the scores.  It is stuck proudly to my wardrobe.  I have also been painting, as you can see above.  A blue flower (watercolours on watercolour paper) and fruits (chalk pencils brushed with water on card).  I'm quite pleased with them actually.

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