Sunday, 28 November 2010

Good things and new blogs

Well, it seems as if the worst is now over for Sheffield Wednesday.  I would have to agree with the comment on my previous post that the whole situation has been a little like an episode of the Addams Family.  Never mind, a takeover now seems probable, the club is safe and have just got through to the third round of the FA Cup with a sixth win in a row.

The Ashes started this week, not that I've been able to listen to too much of it, and they didn't start well with the skipper getting a third ball duck and Siddle getting a hat-trick.  Then a record stand between Haddin and Hussey really put England on the ropes looking down the wrong end of a 220 run deficit.  But last night Strauss, Cook and Trott pulled England to a good chance of a draw.  Much relief I have to say. My girlfriend does seem to enjoy listening to it a little but still has to ask me whether something good or bad has happened.  She still needs some training I think.

The puzzle blog will begin on December 1st, but it can be found at Spare Time Puzzles.  I have also been busy creating in Excel and five advent calendars can be found at Spare Time Fun.  Do check them out and enjoy!


  1. hold up. is your girlfriend Swedish? and she doesn't know when good or bad stuff has happened in cricket? is this why your blog is so called? it all makes sense now.

  2. well J wouldn't know if something bad or good happend if he had to listen to sport in swedish... you britts doesn't always speak as clear as you might think. And when in cricket they usually refer to andrew who bats and not to australia batting it doesn't make it easy unless you know who playes where that day. Can't be easy if you got square legs either ;o)