Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No to Strikes

I think I was a little premature with my post about strikes a month ago.  This week I had a nightmare on strike day.  In the morning it wasn't a direct cause of the strike, in fact I got on a train with plenty of time, only for two passenger alarms to be pulled a fraction of a second after leaving the station!  It took twenty minutes for them to be reset before I could get going.  On the way back it was even worse.
The trip to Bank was no problem, however the northern line there was showing the next train to be in 15 minutes - then it vanished altogether.  I decided to take my chances up top with the buses but as I walked all the way up to Kings Cross not a single bus passed by heading North.  They were all going the other way.  Finally I got a bus from KX followed by another little walk.  All in all it took over an hour and a half.  I was knackered when I got home but still had to go straight down the launderette.  Oh for a washing machine!

Already started my christmas shopping, although not done the wrapping yet and picked up some good books from the library yesterday, including Elizabeth Kostova's new book, The Swan Thieves.  Am also getting the third of the Millenium trilogy tomorrow from a friend of my girlfriend.  Speaking of which, yes she is swedish hence the title of this blog.  I have been trying to get her to appreciate the finer points of the game of cricket but it is proving more difficult than I thought.  This is no silly point I'm making, how do you cover the game of cricket without stumping someone?

Cryptic Puzzle No. 1 is now up on the new blog...follow the link on the right!

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