Friday, 4 December 2009

Driven To The Brink

Another mixture of topics, starting with the football...a pretty good draw for England who will start on June 12 against USA, with Algeria and Slovenia also in the group.  At least we missed the likes of France, Portugal and Ivory Coast.  Still six months away, but I'm already a little excited.  With Capello at the helm this is the best chance England have had for a long time, lets hope they make the best of it.
The cricketers did well today without having to take the field since it rained all day in Durban, meaning that they win the one day series, South Africa's first loss on home soil for about 17 series.  I think it's a bit of a shame they couldn't play today, but still it puts the Proteas on the back foot.  No rain in London today I'm glad to say.
Wednesday night I was out with a friend for a few beers, needless to say I haven't done much work since.  I did complete chapter four on wednesday though.  And I have been cooking today.  A stew of lamb with tomato, parsnip and potato with a side of spinach and broccoli.  Photo below along with a previous meal of beef meatballs, potatoes, carrots and broccoli with gravy.

I'm not particularly political on this blog, but I have been a little outraged at the way RBS are trying to give out huge sums of money in bonuses and asking for more money in order to do it.  Haven't they had enough of our money already?  And yet savings rates still stay pitifully low and not much money is being lent out to the ordinary person.  There is a Give Up The Bonus petition which people can sign if they're not happy, I've signed it and if people feel the same as me then they can too.  After all we are the majority shareholders.
Since I've already had a money based playlist, here's something completely's all about Driving

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