Sunday, 1 August 2010

More Tales

Since I last blogged I have continued to work at Sense, and now all my work is up on their webpage at the link I gave you before.  Erica finally had her NI interview only to find that its best if she has work already (why they don't tell you that on the HMRC webpage I don't know) and has to wait four more weeks to find out if she gets it or not.  It's a bit like banging your head on a brick wall sometimes.  As a result she has now begun looking for teaching work but is feeling a bit down.
I have not had much chance to write over the last few weeks but have uploaded another story I wrote recently, The Honey Seller on the same website as before.  I have also uploaded some older short stories to the site.
Had a family gathering to go to yesterday which was nice, especially since I haven't seen my dad for a while.  More stress for Erica of course at having to remember lots more new names, at least the weather was nice though, and we did get to stroll alongside the Thames.
I expect to finish at Sense this week, so maybe will get a couple of days off, a chance to relax and a chance to help Erica settle in more to London.  It's a tough place.

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