Monday, 30 August 2010

Season One Finale

Life is never quite like the movies...or television serials for that matter...but it could be said that I've reached a season finale, so here's a brief overview of the season so far:
The hero (me) leaves full time work in order to concentrate both on practising his interest in writing and pursuing a newly found love interest in a foreign country.  Things start slowly, in fact very little happens for a while other than the odd criss-crossing back and forth to sweden, and a continual cycle of lay-ins caused by cold and wet weather, autumn having arrived.
But then Christmas and new year arrive and there is the drama of possible cabin crew strikes at the exact moment of spending the holiday season away from the uk for the first time ever.  There is tension, there are tears, but then it all blows over thanks due a dubious legal decision.  And the period is as it should be, with frozen nostrils and ear drums in -30 temperatures.
More excitement in the new year as the hero discovers that he will have a poem published within an anthology, disappointment quickly dives in with the knowledge that there will be no payment and the quality of the printing is also a little dodgy.  Meanwhile, spending so much time apart from his love is playing havoc with his happiness.  What is he doing?  Should he move to Sweden?
Never mind, its their first valentines day together and he receives some music and they feed ducks.  Aww, how cute!
Books are getting read in their numerousness (is that a word?) but the writing is getting harder.  Stories and poems are sent away but all are rejected.  But here finally is easter, and two visits from his swede, one with her father who visits the english countryside for the first time.  The second visit is for three weeks and is wonderful until the last days when the realisation of having to part comes in once more.
But the god Vulcan is looking after them. Iceland is smoking, no-one is going anywhere and our hero (me) has his best ever thursday afternoon sitting in just a t-shirt by the canal...he gets to keep her for another week and gets to take her out to dinner for her birthday.
Money's starting to get tighter...he's going to have to find work again soon.  Starts slowly, doesn't really want to.  His love has by this point decided to move over so they can be together and will do once she finishes at the folk art school she doesn't enjoy.
More time spent travelling, more time spent pretending to look for work and his football team are relegated amidst a woeful run of form.  But never mind, she's actually moving over.  And by a strange quirk of fate he gets some temping work due to start the day after she moves here.
The work stays sporadic however and his love is also having difficulties with the system.  Thrift is the watchword.  Both require help from each other to stay positive.  She gets an NI number but agencies are still not interested without proof she has a teaching degree they can understand...

But now the hero has found a full time job.  Working at the International Grains Council in Canary Wharf (the big famous tower with the pyramid), who monitor the worldwide grain trade.  Everyone seems friendly and it is on a temp to perm basis.  Things are looking up.  His love has received her NARIC certificate and the schools will soon be returning and her friend has found somewhere in London too. And that's where we stand, on the edge of the brink of season Two...but what will happen?  Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out, and no there will be no spoilers...

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