Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sense No More

Ever feel like your banging your head against a brick wall?  Well today I've felt like that on a tour around several recruitment agencies with Erica who just look at her as if she fell off their shoe.  Saying that they don't recruit for that kind of work, and expecting you to know it, even though their websites are only plastered with slogans like "the right job just for you" etc. which makes you think they'd recruit for anything.
Then others that say that they would want people with previous experience...but in which case how do you get the experience?  And then pithily telling you that you can check employers own websites for their own job listings...well duh!..perhaps there is no reason for recruitment agencies after all.
And finally the ones that ask "what is your dream job?" as if they were ten years old and doing a mock interview for their English homework. I know what mine is...recruitment get paid ridiculous amounts of money and all you have to do is find a job for someone who already has about ten offers of work and tell everyone else to go away.

As for myself I finished at Sense yesterday, and received a lovely box of choccies from them, which was really nice.  Quite a few have already gone I have to say.  So I'm back out there looking for something else to keep me occupied and trying to think up what type of career it is that I want.  My recent job has allowed my mind to wander a little and I've had a few interesting ideas for stories and characters.  Just have to write them all down now and ponder and work a little more.

On a much brighter and exciting note my friend has received two tickets for the Proms tomorrow (a pair of Mahler Symphonies on offer) and so I get to sit down at a Prom for the first time ever.  I have sat at the RAH before, but for different things.  Very exciting.  And as for Erica, well she won't be home completely alone since she has found a craft group to meet up with.  More on that story later...

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