Saturday, 4 December 2010

Staying In

With my girlfriend out of the country for a few days, I simply have only myself to please.  As such I have decided to stay in all day today and am enjoying it.  I was in my dressing gown and bed clothes up until midday, stayed up until 1.30am last night listening to cricket, and woke to it at 6.30.
I have been listening to the radio, and to War of the Worlds (which I don't get to listen to enough when my girlfriend is around - incidentally I have heard bits of it twice this week, The Spirit of Man was booming out of a car at Tufnell Park and part of Eve of the War was played on a radio programme about HG Wells last night).
I have also watched a DVD, eaten porridge and scrambled egg (not together), read some of ...Hornets Nest and uploaded the answers for Cryptic Puzzle 1 on my puzzle blog.
Played Penguin Toss on facebook (very addictive), began tidying my desk and thought about what to have for dinner - admittedly a few hours away.  Will listen to the football shortly and the cricket again later.  At some point in between I will chat to my girlfriend.
Its raining outside now and the snow is melting nicely.  I can't believe its only three weeks to christmas day now.  I definately must be getting older because how else can it come around so quickly?  So little done this year really but so many hopes for the year ahead.  And so many dreams...

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  1. like the new blog look. Nice and clean. And I'm not stopping you from listening to TWOTW... or from being in your dressing gown to midday... or tidying your desk ;o) <3 you!