Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Straight Puzzle...and stuff

I honestly don't know how Nick Clegg can live with himself. After spending the whole election campaign saying that tuition fees will be scrapped, he now continues to follow the Tories in saddling the future of the country with enough debt to ensure that they will be unable to have children, save for pensions and put anything back into the economy in twenty years time.
The only people who will be able to really afford University will be those from families who are really poor (ie those who can't be bothered to work and have various other excuses for not working) or those who can pay their own tuition fees up front.  And this doesn't make for a good sounding, let alone "fair", future.
The worst thing is that politics suddenly began to get interesting for young people. Now that they've seen such an about face I would be surprised if anyone under the age of 25 will ever trust a politician again.  And what is the point of that? Surely we have to be able to trust the people we elect to organise the country for us.  Otherwise we might as well go back to the times when they decide it amongst themselves and leave us out of it completely, without bothering to pretend that this is a democracy. How can it be right that they can promise us something, not do anything about it (within a matter of months since getting in) and then we have to put up with them for another four and a half years! The people should be able to dissolve government whenever they like (given a majority vote) if the government is not doing what they were voted in to do.
The point is that I thought things might change a little, but I am now incredibly disappointed and disillusioned in the whole system.  We need drastic changes now I think.  This taking advantage of ordinary people really has to stop.

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