Sunday, 15 January 2012

44 Inch What?

Last night I watched 44 Inch Chest on dvd and have to say that it is another film that I find tricky to slot in a category of whether I liked it or not.
While it was on I enjoyed it.  John Hurt and Ian McShane's characters were funny, especially in their interactions with each other, and the dialogue between all the characters was interesting.  It was the sort of stories and dialogue that real people do not talk, and if they did, then in person you would find them dull, but in fiction it helps you get to know them quicker.
But once the film had ended you realised that there had been no real point to any of it.  The ending was a major anti climax along with a disappointment.

The film does have some things to say on the subject of marriage, but still cliched and unoriginal, and on the subject of revenge but it doesn't make them clear.
As an antidote to Tarantino and Scorcese it might work, and to watch a group of English actors working well together it is interesting.  But beyond that, the film is poor. 5.5 out of 10.

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