Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Spent the afternoon at Canary Wharf where they had their annual Ice Sculpture Festival. It was somewhat disappointing since there was little going on other than thousands of people milling around and getting in your way.  I think however that most of the sculpting had gone on earlier in the day, and the sculptures that were on display were pretty impressive, despite occasionally dripping!

It was also possible to have a go at ice sculpting yourself, but most of their slots were already booked, all the way up to the finish at 6pm.  A friend of ours was quite excited about the prospect of a snow pit, but this too turned out to be a disappointment since it was only about 4 m square and full of kids! Never mind, if the prediction that there will be snow by the end of the month comes true, then we'll have plenty of the real stuff to play with.

In other news we're getting into full swing with the wedding invitations; Paper has been bought, and the text has been through its first draft.  The most stressful bit to come will be all the legal paperwork, with its myriad certificates, forms and licences.  It will be worth it, but I just find the whole thing daunting.  I guess that means that when the big day finally comes I'll know that the worst is already behind and won't be at all nervous!

It's been a long while since I've done much writing and in order to get some inspiration I've put some different types of information into an excel file with a number randomiser to come up with some interesting suggestions for characters of stories that may well suggest the stories themselves.  I hope to write some in the near future, which I will then post up here (perhaps with the original conditions to see where it came from -what do you think?).  It was an idea I read somewhere but no idea where.  If I find it, I'll let you know.

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