Sunday, 12 February 2012

Experimentation in Dessert

With Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday this year it was agreed to celebrate at the weekend.  Therefore, with my fiancee working yesterday, it was the perfect chance for me to get creating with a dessert.  A dessert completely made up.

The base is a scone pastry (without baking powder which I inextricably forgot) but rolled very thin before being baked in the oven.  I broke this up into pieces before arranging it in the bowls so that it still resembled a ‘cup’ shape. 

After washing some blueberries, I cooked them with a little sugar in order to make a fruit sauce.  This I poured over the pastry and chilled it for a while in order to get the pastry to stick together.

I then melted some dark chocolate, which I mixed with mascarpone cheese and creme fraiche, to create a kind of mousse.  When the fruit had chilled I spread the chocolate mixture over the top, which I then chilled for several hours
Finally, when we were ready to eat it, I whipped some cream and it was finished.  Ta da!

In hindsight the pastry wasn’t quite the right thing really, although it might have been tastier if I had remembered the baking powder.  A biscuitcrumb base, a la a traditional cheesecake would have been much better, and I may attempt this in the future.  The chocolate mousse was delicious however.

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