Sunday, 5 February 2012

When I Woke Before

It used to be that I would wake
Early just for Christmas Day
When I’d jump out of bed and take
My stocking into my parent’s room
Now it is because I ache
In shoulder, sometimes leg cramps too
To get up, shopping list to make
And wash up all last night’s dishes.

When I was young I’d get up to see
If there were any wrapped up gifts
Sitting underneath the Christmas tree
And check for my name on the label
But now it’s because I need to pee
Either from cold or not taking advice
Over having that last cup of tea
And my bladder tickles me awake.

As a kid it would be the dark
That would have my eyes open in terror
Attack by ghosts, swallowed by a shark
Dreams of fertile imagination
And now it must be a mark
A sign of age, my youth lost
To be awake with the dawn, the lark
Singing my worst nightmare to me.

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