Friday, 24 February 2012

The Negotiator

A couple of stories have come out over the past few days which show a ridiculous lack of British government ability to negotiate on behalf of the people.
The first is with regards to extradition laws, which has been thrown up by a request by the US government over a man suspected of supplying weapons to Iran.  I have no comment to make over whether the man is guilty or innocent since I know nothing of the full facts.  However the problem is with the lack of equality with extradition between the two countries.
If the US has a suspicion of guilt of a UK citizen then Britain has to extradite them.  However for the opposite to happen then the UK courts have to provide very strong evidence before the US will agree to extradite to Britain.  You have to wonder who negotiated this deal since it is so strongly in favour of the US.  Are we really so bound to them in other ways that we have to give up British subjects on an American whim?
The second story is more absurd than anything.  In a London office used by MP's there are twelve fig trees in a room which provide shade for the occupants.  The cost of maintenance of these fig trees is £30,000 per year.  How is it possible that the price for keeping a dozen fig trees alive is £4,000 a year greater than the price for keeping one human being alive, housed and clothed (since the new cap for benefits will be £26,000)? Either the person who negotiated this was an idiot, or more likely could not give a fig for those who struggle within this country.
I believe these deals were negotiated before the present government took office and are probably just the tip of the iceberg.  Since the government can make any law they wish, is it not possible for them to renegotiate everything that does not benefit the greater good, or in their words, the big society?

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