Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Busy Week

Not really, but a title like that always sounds good.  And it's not that i've been celebrating England's first ICC tournament win either, at least not for the whole week.
I've actually been sequestering my own brain this week to get some writing done.  I've been working on an idea using the Snowflake method as mentioned last week, but I've also been writing something else entirely to keep my mind in gear.  The truth is, i'm not much good at planning, I get bored very easily. So I've decided to make it easier by getting some writing done at the same time. That way I can feel that I've done something. Anyway, I've written about 17000 words since last time, which is quite a lot for a weeks work. Doesn't mean its much good though, but we'll see how it turns out.
The weather is baking, so I'm sitting here sweating right now.  Later this week I head out to Sweden again - finally - for the last trip before my girlfriend moves over, so I will have to do some washing and packing this week. But I will try to continue with the writing.  I have to really, because I know that I'll get sidetracked if i'm not careful and it'll never get finished. Wish me luck.

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