Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Old Battle

Over the past couple of weeks the West Indies have been hosting the Twenty20 world cup and the final takes place tomorrow between England and Australia.  England have never won an ICC tournament before, although they have been to some finals.  It all kicks off at 16.30 BST and I for one am very much looking forward to it...I'm only hoping that they do themselves justice.
I've also been checking out the International Cricket Council website and found they have a profile for Swedish Cricket which sadly has not been allowed to compete recently in international events since they don't have enough home grown players.  There is a league, but most players seem to be ex-pats from other cricketing nations.  Come on you Swedes!  Take the game up...

I've also been working on writing this week.  I've come across an interesting web page detailing the Snowflake method and its the most useful thing I've read on writing so far.  I've already begun working down as far as stage three, so hopefully I'll be able to keep going.
I also came up with some ideas on humorous poems looking at historical stories a little differently.  Not sure how they will work yet, or whether I will print them here...but we'll see.

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