Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wanted After All

Yesterday I walked into an agency to look for work to be told that that particular branch dealt with a specialist type of work but that they would get back to word yet...However, only two hours after my return home I was called out of the blue by another agency entirely, to say that they had seen my cv online, and maybe had a job for me.  I signed with them today...strange world.
Writing wise I have been working on something inspired by one of my girlfriend's little projects...not too sure whether there will be more on the subject or not, we will see.
I have also been listening to the cricket from the West Indies, the Twenty20 world cup, in which England have managed to progress without winning a game.  I will not talk about Duckworth Lewis.
Finally, here are two recent watercolour sketches...Popping Fun and Bringing Out the Covers...

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