Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Read an article on the BBC website today Vaughan remembers test debut in which former England Cricket captain Michael Vaughan (and Sheffield Wednesday fan) remembered his test debut in South Africa in 1999.  He batted at four and came in with the score on 2 for 2.  Before he had faced a ball, England were 2 for 4!!
I remember listening to this on the radio and was stunned to realise that it was ten years ago.  It was the worst performance I had listened to since the 46 all out in Port of Spain back in 1994, although I think that still ranks as the worst - at least the commentary is more vivid. 
There have been others of course, Australia 2007 always comes to mind, and that's only on the radio.  England collapses on TV are just as memorable.  Sri Lanka in 1998, Australia in 2005 and 2009...the list goes on.  I think it's a typically English thing to remember the abject defeats more clearly than the stunning victories, for instance I can barely remember a thing from last summer's Ashes.

Onto a completely different subject now, and the spotify playlists seem to be popular, and so here's another, inspired by a song I heard on the radio last night Money Money Money.  And the answer to my previous question, well, it was a trick question really, there were two songs: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head as mentioned, and Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

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  1. Currently having a spot of bother subjugating my subjects too, so thought I'd combine your two and ask if ye got around to listening to the excellent Duckworth Lewis Method album? It can be found on this source of musical sorcery that ye speak of naturally.