Friday, 27 November 2009


Dreams are strange things indeed.  This morning I woke with the impression that I had been listening to the radio, to Simon Mayo in particular (why him I don't know), who was talking about the anniversary of the first airing of a programme called McFadden.  For some reason I knew that it was some sort of spy/action series, but I'm pretty certain it doesn't exist.  Maybe someone can help me there?
I can only think that my mind has brought together MacGyver with Matthew McFadyen who starred in Spooks.  The other strange thing was that I was sure that actress Jaye Griffiths was also in it, but again was my mind just remembering her role in Bugs - a similar type of programme.  And I thought only my conscious mind was weird.
I've written two chapters of a story this week, and been planning out events for the next ones.  I'm actually quite pleased with it, if I say so myself.  It almost writes itself, maybe that's how it should be?  We'll see how it goes though.  This time next week I may be saying something completely different.
Finally a new spotify playlist today, this one entitled Cats and Dogs

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