Wednesday, 4 November 2009


A short post today to add some links to other websites.  First to a picture that I first saw in my Fortean Times of the squirrel crasher who appeared in a photograph in Banff.  As if the name of the lake at which the photo was taken wasn't funny enough.
And the other is to emcartoons which has kept me going over the past month or so.  Em first appeared in The London Paper (which has now closed) but who is now continuing in The Sun.  Please enjoy!

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  1. Hi James,

    Great to hear taken the step to quit work for a while and that you've given yourself space to think and write and just enjoy the sensation of 'being' for a while. Just don't end up in the same circumstances as Mr Keats (as depicted in Jane Campion's current film, Bright Star) - always remember to have a decent lining in your coat when you go to London Town! As you previously mentioned Vampires, I'd thoroughly recommend Dr Christopher Frayling's book on the subject.