Saturday, 2 October 2010

More Poems...And Yes, I Am Still Alive

Well, its been a long while since I got around to blogging.  Lots of reasons for that, one of which is that for the past two weekends I've been away from home.  Two weeks ago I was in Falmouth, for a cousin's wedding.  It was held in Pendennis Castle, an old Tudor fort and made for a wonderful atmosphere.  They are both scottish, and so there were kilts and a piper and it felt like heading back in time, as if witnessing a marriage ceremony in the remote highlands of Scotland.
Falmouth itself is a lovely place, with tasty cornish pasties, a wonderful climate with unusual vegetation and a relaxed atmosphere which is nothing like London.  Erica found the air a lot friendlier to her lungs too.  Perhaps I could see myself living there in the future?
Last week was a school friend's wedding, although I was invited only to the after party.  But it was still good to see him so happy.  Their live music was an intriguing trio of blond girls with large breasts singing songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's along to backing tracks, with matching outfits for each period.  I'm still not certain whether they were good or not.

So, to my new job.  I've been there about five weeks now I guess but still don't feel as if I'm settling in.  I'm not exactly certain why.  The commute on the Underground isn't fun, for sure, with packed carriages on the Jubilee line, and even packed platforms sometimes.  The office is also extremely quiet, with hardly anyone talking to anyone else, and when they do it's solely about work.
It's not that people are unfriendly, they're just very involved in their work...and that's a concept I struggle with.  It can make the days incredibly long sometimes.  The work itself I am actually enjoying, and it may be that once I've been there a bit longer and I get some more tasks then I won't feel the need to talk to anyone.  But I doubt it somehow.
I know that I need to move on somewhere else, but even that is no simple task and I can't really afford to run the risk of having no work at all.  I currently have a vague idea of taking some bookkeeping courses, so at least I have a professional qualification to my name and could make it easier to get work in future.  We'll see.

Other than work and the weddings very little else has been going on.  I am desperate to move to a bigger place so that I get some creative space to do writings and such, but with Erica still without a job it is not yet possible.  An oven would be good too of course.  And a decent fridge and freezer.  And a washing machine...hopefully sometime soon.

I have written a couple of poems at work though, slightly odd ones, but here they are anyway:


I'm growing mould
To fight my cold
Is a silly thing to say.
Although it may
Be true.
It cannot be that good for you.

Running Bales

A thousand running bales
and ten unfurling sails
amongst gigantic whales.
I wish that I could see.

Imagine bales running
while bronzed-babes were a-sunning
Watched by comics punning.
I wish that I could see.

And would those bales racing
with men to do the pacing
be back or forward facing?
I wish that I could see.

With water jumps and hurdles
and gold encrusted girdles
the bales would make one curdle.
I wish that I could see.

Yes I wish that I could see
out the window next to me
all those bales running free.
A thousand running bales.

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