Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Underground Musicians

From the title you might think that this will be a post about busking on the underground, but it's not.  Although now having mentioned it I can't help being reminded about the annoying man simply drumming at Waterloo sometimes who continually looks extremely smug.  I mean, drumming.  It's an accompaniment to music, not music itself.  Especially not at five thirty at night when you're trying to get home.
Anyway, that off my chest...this is a story about this morning on my way to work when two people got on at Camden Town carrying three large pieces of luggage as well as two large guitar cases and taking up half of one end of a carriage.  When I heard their accents I couldn't help thinking to myself "stupid Americans".  Then I couldn't help but give an inward sigh when I realised they'd completely blocked up one door and were obviously going to be caught out by the fact that the platform at Warren Street is on the opposite side of the train to the platforms either side.  But being too much of a Londoner I didn't say anything, and only looked on smugly when they indeed found that they were in the way.
However it was due to this incident and a rearrangement of belongings that I ended up being able to read the name tag on one of the bags.  Devon Sproule.  I then couldn't help becoming extremely impressed with this couple (for it was indeed Devon with her husband).  Reasonably famous musicians still slumming it on their way to Heathrow on the Underground, despite the fact that they could probably have afforded a taxi all the way there, or failing that the Heathrow Express.  And doubly impressed for being Americans taking the underground after their government have issued warnings about being in Europe.  So very well done them.
Couldn't help feeling a bit guilty afterwards though.  Still it would have been great if they could have taken that annoying drummer to America with them too.

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