Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Puzzle Update

Well it seems as if my last post has drawn some interest, which is good.  I have received two comments, both with the correct year, along with a mystery phone caller at work with the correct answer.  They must get a special commendation really since even I don't even know the telephone number, so they must have done a lot of digging!

1 comment:

  1. Across
    2 Moroccan dynasty changes a late IOU (8) ALAOUITE
    4 Differentiating professor (8) CALCULUS
    7 Noah makes another one for US city (6) NEWARK
    8 Punctuation not applicable for Italian pillar (7) COLONNA
    10 see 11 Down
    12 Danish journalist sounds like he's getting on (7) BORDING
    13 Savoury or sweet for dessert (7) PUDDING

    1 Philanthropist is coarse (but not right) (4) CASS
    3 & 9 No dress for wild radio transmitter (6,4) ORFORD NESS
    4 Anatomist in Moscow persuasion (6) COWPER
    5 Engraver sounds like he's shouting (6) HOLLAR
    6 Painter has left mix (4) HALS
    9 see 3 Down
    11 & 10 Across. Wonderful year - if you have the latin (5,9) ANNUS MIRABILIS