Sunday, 24 October 2010

Woodland Tales

Got back from Sweden in mid-week, after having travelled out there last weekend.  It was great to see my girlfriend again after having spent about ten days was tough.  We took a walk on the Sunday into the woods where we picked some mushrooms, and I was shown some very very large rocks.  We spent some time looking out over Gagnef from a hunting hide and on the way up we saw pigs in a neighbours yard.  It was wonderful to breathe such clean and fresh air and to see the unspoilt landscape of trees and distant hills, rivers and rocks which were dragged by the last ice age.  Having been brought up surrounded by concrete and cars I find these other landscapes more wonderful than I can really describe and in some ways can't help feeling a little jealous of those who have been brought up within them.  However, all romance is lost when you find out that you saw bear poo in the woods and that wolves have been close by recently.  The mushrooms we picked were delicous though.

We also did the usual things of meeting some family, but also Erica's aunt from the united states, so it was nice for me to have someone else there who spoke good english.  Even received a t-shirt from her (a tradition is that she brings them over for the whole family) so that was very kind of her.

Back home to the cold now since I have no working heating here in the flat.  Sitting in sweaters and gloves, hats and woolen socks.  It's a pleasure to cook since that is the warmest spot.  I plan to blog in the next few days solely about books.  I've read several recently and should share at least some of my findings.

Finally, the puzzle answers.  The previous blog actually has a comment with all the correct answers in it, so by publishing it I thought it would be easier than typing them all in myself.  Well done to that person, whoever they were.  And of course the linking year to all the clues...1666.

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