Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Puzzle Time

I've decided to create a cryptic puzzle.  Below you will find the clues and below that is the grid in which they fit.  You will have to excuse it a little since it is create using Paint...but anyway.  Now the clever thing is that all the answers link to a particular year.  Once you've got the answers (or some of them) make a guess at the year.  I've hidden comments on my blog for the moment so you can send me the answers without others seeing them and I will give out the answers in roughly two weeks time.  Good luck and have fun.

2 Moroccan dynasty changes a late IOU (8)
4 Differentiating professor (8)
7 Noah makes another one for US city (6)
8 Punctuation not applicable for Italian pillar (7)
10 see 11 Down
12 Danish journalist sounds like he's getting on (7)
13 Savoury or sweet for dessert (7)

1 Philanthropist is coarse (but not right) (4)
3 & 9 No dress for wild radio transmitter (6,4)
4 Anatomist in Moscow persuasion (6)
5 Engraver sounds like he's shouting (6)
6 Painter has left mix (4)
9 see 3 Down
11 & 10 Across. Wonderful year - if you have the latin (5,9)

1 comment:

  1. Very good. See if you can do one in a symmetrical patterned grid. Gets pretty tricky by the end.