Thursday, 25 February 2010

All Quiet

Been a bit quiet for the past couple of days I suppose, but I've been catching up on some dull things like washing and sorting out my electronic photo albums.  All done now though.
I've also been working on a short story which I plan to submit to a magazine, as well as working on some poems which I also plan to submit.  I've got some other ideas for submitting things for different places too, or at least they're more like partial ideas right now.  Don't really want to say too much yet as I'm not sure I have too much to say.
Finally got around to seeing Avatar last night, in 3D of course.  I'm still not certain that it actually enhances movie going, the lines around objects still feel a little indistinct and sometimes it feels as if you're looking at the world through somebody else's prescription glasses.  But the film itself was decent, if full of strong political messages that get a little preachy after a while.
Moving in places, and I could connect with the concept of falling in love with someone who speaks a different language and comes from a different culture.

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