Monday, 22 February 2010


From today I'm going to be posting some mini-flash stories on a regular basis.  Here is the first (along with its introduction).

On this day in 1879, the first Woolworth five and dime shop was opened in the US but now, sadly, they no longer exist in the UK.

‘It’s all changed’, Craig said, staring.  ‘And it’s only been four years.’
‘Things change’, Maria replied.  ‘Nothing stays the same.’
‘I know...but...I wanted to show it to you as I remembered it. Even Sainsbury’s entrance wasn’t always like that’, Craig pointed, turning to Maria.  ‘What?’
She gave him a loving smile.
‘You seem so disappointed that some shops have changed’, Maria replied.  ‘It’s sweet.’
‘It’s not just shops, I lived here for three years and it was part of my life. A past life admittedly, but still...’
‘I know’, Maria said, putting her arms around Craig.
They hugged for a minute, ignoring the people around them.
‘I’ve got lots of good memories here’, Craig continued.  ‘In some ways I wish I’d never left, although...If I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have met you.’
‘Ohh!’  Maria said, hugging Craig again as he spoke sadly.
‘Waitrose just looks wrong here.  I miss Woolworth’s.’

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