Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back to Childhood

Today I watched one of the UCL lunchtime lectures online - it was about dinosaur evolution and absolutely fascinating.  If you like that sort of thing, and I do - have since I was a kid to be honest.  It got me looking at dino type things on the internet and I came across some colour-in pictures which looked fun.  They are from the Dinosaur Museum website, the museum being down in Dorchester.
And so I downloaded one and have turned it into a watercolour painting.


Quite nice I hope you'll agree.
I've also been doing some writing, flash fiction to be exact, two stories of less than 500 words.  And I have submitted them to this magazine Vestal Review.  Will hopefully hear from them in a few months.

Feels a little strange to be back in London, hard to believe that two weeks ago I was looking forward to travelling to Sweden.  But I get my girlfriend with me again in just a weeks time as she's coming over for spring break with her dad.

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  1. oh i definately will! And my dad too. As long as there isn't a hell of a snowstorm to stop us that is... =o/