Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bizarre Neighbours

Words have been harder to come by today.  But then it is Tuesday, and I've never liked Tuesdays. Woke with a headache, the weather's been wet, but there was also that sense of fear.  Will I be able to add to what I did yesterday?  Can I still write?  I've sure everyone gets it.  The irony is that even though I've been less prolific today, I think the quality of what I wrote is better.  It was still a struggle to get out of bed though.
However I did take a walk out to the shops to clear my head and encountered some of the more bizarre people that live in my neighbourhood.  Firstly a woman who was standing at her gate and asked if I had a phone she could use (mine was at home on charge at the time so I couldn't help) because she had locked herself out.  Six weeks ago she had also locked herself out and asked me for money for a tube fare.
Then further down the road was an elderly lady who couldn't turn off the light outside her flat and asked me for help.  I couldn't see a light switch outside and asked if there was one inside her flat. She found one and...click!..the light was off.  I'm sure she must have known it was there, but then again she was maybe just a litle confused.
Outside my local supermarket I was asked "are you the bill payer?"  I didn't know what bills the person was talking about, but thought I'd take the safer option and answer "no".  Knowing what Tuesday's are like I would probably have been thrust a bundle of bills to pay.

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