Friday, 23 October 2009

Following Regulations

Strange day today.  I've been able to do a reasonable amount of writing, and do my washing, but it has been a strange day.
I tried to get my rent money from cash machines in Kentish Town road but none were connecting to my own bank for some reason.  I had to walk out to Holloway Road instead, but in the meantime I decided to get some milk from a local shop first with the cash I had...but it was training day.
"Ask for the next customer"
"Next customer please"
"Ok scan the item.  And press that button.  Ask if they want a bag"
"Do you want a bag?"
"No thanks"
"Ok press that button so that they can see price.  Press the button for cash.  Put it in with the pound coins.  Ask if they want a receipt"
"Do you want a receipt?"
"No thanks"
"Give them their change"
So that was how I bought I pint of milk.  I was later able to take out some money and went out for the rest of my shopping.  I decided to buy some wine for the weekend:
"How old are you?"
"Do you have ID?"
"I've got a credit card"
"Hmm...what year were you born?"
I guess I should take it as a compliment, but do I really look under 18, or even under 25?  I know that shops have got to be careful, but this is ridiculous.  I got the feeling that this woman would have asked my age even if I carried a bus pass, a walking stick and had grey hair.
Anyway, the wine was nice...a chilean merlot that went pefectly with my lamb stew!

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