Friday, 30 October 2009

The Real Vampires

Yesterday's lecture was brilliant! It was great to hear about the real genuine myths relating to vampires as opposed to the westernised myths from film and literature.  It all comes from the slavic and balkan regions and relates to the eastern orthodox idea that the soul doesn't leave the body until it has fully decayed.
There are various ways to become a vampire, from time of conception, to the manner of your death.  Even if you die unmarried!  Sins being absolved by a priest or the traditional stake through the heart can kill a vampire.  You can see the undead lecture here in about a week.
You'll see from my previous post that I've been busy writing, but the dark mornings and evenings have been getting me down a bit.  So I've been relaxing a little more today and watched The Man Who Knew Too Much. I couldn't help noticing that part of it was filmed in the Camden area which was interesting.
I've also been doing some cooking and below you'll find some photos of recent food.  Today's dinner of spaghetti with a home made sauce of bacon, mushroom, courgette, tomato, spring onion, garlic and fresh basil.  And beneath it my desert from yesterday, nectarines and custard.

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