Monday, 19 October 2009

Lonely Words

Slow morning.  Still missing my girlfriend who travelled back home to Sweden at the weekend.  The week was wonderful, but still only a week.  Didn't do any writing apart from a short lovenote on the day that she left...but i'll see her again in a few weeks.
As for the week itself, I showed her around London a little bit; the canal, bunhill fields, the gherkin, hampstead, st pancras, the british library, leicester square, covent garden, the 'Black Books' bookshop.  Also discovered the art gallery in the crypt at st pancras new church on Euston Road.  Its a wonderful setting, with natural alcoves and ante-rooms for different displays.  They seem to have regular exhibitions...the website is at crypt gallery...and well worth a look.
During the week my girlfriend needed to do some painting for her art course, so i took the opportunity to do some sketching of my own.  I was actually quite pleased with the result.
Hopefully will get some writing done after lunch today.

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