Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Swedish Goods

Still working on the same pieces of writing as earlier in the week and spending even more time thinking about them.  Took a walk out to Camden's central library at Swiss Cottage which was...rather imposing, I think is the best way to describe it.  A building of concrete and glass in a lozenge shape, with books around each of its curves on two storeys.
There is a large selection however, especially for non fiction, so it might be a useful place for doing research.  And I did like the spiral staircases which I think all libraries should have.  A library without a spiral staircase doesn't feel like a proper library.
I also went in search of the swedish shop in London, Totally Swedish, which is set near Baker Street.  I had been there before, but it was closed.  This time I was able to take a look around and for those who like swedish foods or possibly miss swedish foods from back home, its pretty good. Unfortunately they only have small bars of Marabou.  But there is a good choice of sill.
It reminds me though that my girlfriend was quite excited to find swedish meatballs when we visited Sainsbury's last week, and swedish toast in a more local shop.  Not to mention Absolut and Kopparberg of course.

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