Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lunchtime Lecture

Today I attended a lunchtime lecture at UCL, one of a series of free lectures held twice a week on tuesdays and thursdays, which began last week and runs until early december.  Today's lecture focussed on the clothing of three Indian politicians, and what it said about them and their politics.  To be honest it was a bit hard to follow, partly I think due to the style of the lecture, but also because I have no prior knowledge of Indian politics.  I was interested more from a writer's point of view, in how clothing can establish character.
For those interested however, here is a link to the Ghandi Lecture which gives an overview and in seven days time will have a video of the lecture.
It got me thinking about how british politicians don't really have any difference in the way they dress rather betraying the similarities and homogeneity between them.  This goes does go to another level however, with Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP who will appear on Question Time tonight.  Anyone knowing nothing about our own politics would notice no difference in terms of style of dress between him and David Cameron, although the obvious difference would be in their policies.  However, by dressing the same as all other politicians Griffin is making himself appear more legitimate than he actually is.  Intriguing really.
Anyway, lamb stew calls to me!

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